Moody Buddies
Comes with a palette of emotions. Let these lovely faces dangle about and add expression to your life.

Found Masks
Made by using the good old linocut technic, this masks will make sure to bring that extra zing to your walls.

All it took was a hook. To keep my stuff in acceptable order.


Folkskolegatan 22
117 35 Stockholm
Here, in a galaxy far far away from IKEA you´ll find Oners. Unique artefacts made to be used in everyday life. It is a scientifically proven that surrounding yourselves with beautiful objects is a good thing, and now there is Oners. Objects made one of a kind with people getting decent pay for their labour and love. You are most welcome to browse and let the loveliness begin.

The concept of Oners is created by Lilit Asiryan, concept designer and object maker. Lilit wanted to build a soulspot for herself and others believing in the thought of art as a transportive and bettering idea. Oners is in the beginning of a process taking shape, and is on the lookout for likeminded thing makers. If that´s you, don´t waste another minute. Get in touch with us, send your mail to hello(at)


Design - Asiryan
Code - Johansson
Words - Elde
Photo - Tatarchenko